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Our professionals have at least 5 years of experience and have undergone rigorous testing.

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Two transcribers work on each project for optimal accuracy. A senior manager oversees every project.


* Recordings of 60 minutes or less and not complex in nature will be delivered within one day. Larger or more complex projects may take longer to transcribe.

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Academic Transcription Services

Our experienced team of transcriptionists works with academic clients in a broad range of research fields, from sociology, to physics, to linguistics. We transcribe everything from lectures, panel discussions, and conferences to handwritten dissertation materials and research notes.

​Skip the struggle of relying on inaccurate notes or having to scan through recorded audio or video until you find the information you need for your research. Instead, rely on our skilled team to create an accurate, professionally formatted transcript that will allow you to move on to more important parts of your projects.


We can meet a range of academic transcription needs

Our team members come from diverse fields of study, making us uniquely equipped to handle almost every academic transcription project by matching it with a transcriptionist with the relevant knowledge and experience to handle it. Below are just some of the services we offer:

Even the most diligent note-taking can omit crucial information, and while recording an interview allows you to capture every detail, finding the exact material you need involves time-consuming rewinding and fast-forwarding. A transcript can help you overcome these hurdles, allowing you to easily search for and reference critical information for your research.
Oral history interviews are invaluable in several academic fields, but as with any interview, note-taking has its limitations, and using recorded audio for research purposes can prove difficult. Our team has the skill to accurately transcribe oral history interviews from speakers with a range of accents and dialects, and we can handle poor audio quality and background noise.
Making transcripts of lectures available to audiences is key in creating an accessible learning environment, allowing those who are deaf or hearing-impaired to benefit from the material. Students, especially those for whom English is a second language, often rely on us for lecture transcription, as well.
Creating an accurate record of conference proceedings is vital. In addition to recording keynote speeches, panel discussions, and lectures on video, conference hosts often turn to our experienced team to create a transcript of the event for later use.

How Our Transcription Process Works

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You will be notified as soon as your transcripts are completed and are available to download in your preferred output.

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Our clients come to us for transcription services that provide premium accuracy and attention to detail. As a leader in the industry, we proudly offer an accuracy of 99% or higher for our Standard and Verbatim transcription packages – and because most of our clients are in the legal, medical, and technical fields, we know just how important it is to maintain that quality.

What Our Customers Say

“ One of the bigger advantages of choosing TransExpert is that it can cater for the more complex projects you may need to handle ”
Mark Grant
“ The human transcribers at TransExpert returned nearly 100% accurate transcriptions in a couple of days and didn’t balk at recordings featuring heavy accents. ”
Jesse Doyle
“ I'm so impressed with the accuracy and fast delivery of transcript. Will definitely avail of TransExpert services for the rest of my graduate thesis writing journey 🙂 Thank you so much! ”