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* Recordings of 60 minutes or less and not complex in nature will be delivered within one day. Larger or more complex projects may take longer to transcribe.

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Business Transcription Services

The business world produces a large volume of audio and video content every day. Such content includes conference calls, meetings, presentations, and much more. These events are incredibly important, as they often revolve around key financial data and strategy development.

The business world produces a large volume of audio and video content every day. Such content includes conference calls, meetings, presentations, and much more. These events are incredibly important, as they often revolve around key financial data and strategy development.

Even if business transcription is a rare need, we don’t recommend assigning this task to a secretary or junior colleague. Why not?

  • To run a successful meeting, it’s important for all meeting attendees to participate fully and equally. Encourage active listening and questioning. Create a big-picture understanding of what the session is to accomplish. By teasing out more comments and conversation, you’ll have a rich recording of the meeting. Then, a professional transcriber can copy it all accurately into a text file. An accurate business meeting transcript eliminates misinterpretations and misunderstandings. The business transcript is also a perfect source of verbatim quotations.
  • Business transcriptions make your business more flexible. The collected textual data can be systematized or used to create a white paper.
  • A business transcription company can boost your own company’s web visibility through SEO.

We can meet a range of Business transcription needs

Our team members come from diverse fields of study, making us uniquely equipped to handle almost every business transcription project by matching it with a transcriptionist with the relevant knowledge and experience to handle it. Below are just some of the services we offer:

Notes scrawled hastily during an interview can be difficult to interpret later, but on the other hand, scrolling through a long audio file to find the exact information you need can be time-consuming. Transcripts allow you to create a written record of interviews and find key information easily and quickly.
Accurate phone call transcripts, aside from helping businesses keep track of important discussions, deadlines, and information, can also be used internally for customer service training.
The minutes of a regular or annual general meeting can leave out important data and be misinterpreted. Full-text transcripts of meetings ensure that the entire context of what was discussed is available.
Transcripts help produce internal video content for human resources or corporate communications through post-production transcripts and subtitles.
As transcripts serve as a reference, your text copy can be used as a basis to produce public-facing materials. Excerpts can be added to emails, invoices, and other documentation requirements.
We help conference organizers create accurate, easy-to-disseminate records of panel discussions, keynote speeches, and presentations that can be used for later research or publication. Transcripts make conferences more accessible for attendees with hearing difficulties, and they allow those unable to attend the conference to benefit from any crucial information discussed.
A lot can happen in focus groups, with participants of different backgrounds providing essential feedback and ideas. Capture every critical moment of your focus group discussions with a transcript that you can use later for R&D and marketing.
Share important data with stakeholders through reports based on your text copy of a recording.
Call centers and BPOs, for example, need to keep a high volume of records for their daily customer service calls.
Transcripts help increase search engine optimization (SEO) ranking and can be used for repurposing into more marketing material, while subtitles improve video watch time and boost your Youtube view count.

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Super Tuesday 10% Discount, 5 orders remaining for this discount

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Our clients come to us for transcription services that provide premium accuracy and attention to detail. As a leader in the industry, we proudly offer an accuracy of 99% or higher for our Standard and Verbatim transcription packages – and because most of our clients are in the legal, medical, and technical fields, we know just how important it is to maintain that quality.

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“ One of the bigger advantages of choosing TransExpert is that it can cater for the more complex projects you may need to handle ”
Mark Grant
“ The human transcribers at TransExpert returned nearly 100% accurate transcriptions in a couple of days and didn’t balk at recordings featuring heavy accents. ”
Jesse Doyle
“ I'm so impressed with the accuracy and fast delivery of transcript. Will definitely avail of TransExpert services for the rest of my graduate thesis writing journey 🙂 Thank you so much! ”