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Why make TransExpert your preferred Sermon transcription company?

Expert Transcribers

Our professionals have at least 5 years of experience and have undergone rigorous testing.

Quality Control

Two transcribers work on each project for optimal accuracy. A senior manager oversees every project.


* Recordings of 60 minutes or less and not complex in nature will be delivered within one day. Larger or more complex projects may take longer to transcribe.

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Your data is stored securely, and our transcribers sign an NDA that protects your information privacy.

Transparent Process

Rates are based on the file's length; there are no hidden surcharges, taxes or fees.

Why you need reliable sermon transcription services?

Reach more people

Imagine having an archive of accurate sermon transcripts on your church website, blog, podcast or social media network. Imagine easily and effectively reaching people beyond the borders of your church or parish, nationally and internationally.

Build your online presence

A church website plays a vital role in strengthening connections with the congregation and even the larger community. Let them keep up with your thoughts and guidance – online.

Add value to your message

It is a platform to spread the message. With clear and easy to read transcripts available to download or read online, those who weren’t in attendance can still have the sermon available throughout the week. And you can increase the value by adding transcripts, not only of sermons but also speakers, meetings, group of focus discussions, interviews, and podcasts. This is an additional way of making the activities of your church a resource for people everywhere.

Let them choose a convenient time

Transcripts are very useful. People are busy. Many find it easier to read a sermon at their own pace, creating notes for their own use, and even enlarging the text for easier readability. Plus, the transcript can then be linked or emailed to family and friends, further expanding the outreach of your sermon.

We can meet a range of Sermon transcription needs

We strongly believe that the words of sermons should be accessible to everyone, especially to those with hearing disabilities. Also, by having the text version of your words, you can reach people who want to find important answers to their questions. Maybe your transcription will help someone cope with a loss, mental problems or an existential crisis? That is why you should try to reach the minds of everyone who needs your advice.

We believe providing sermon transcripts is a great way to reach the world for Christ! Never before in history have Christians been able to share the Word of God faster and more efficiently than we can now with the technological tools we have available to us.
Podcast popularity has exploded in recent years. You can get more from your content and reach a wider audience with professional transcripts of your episodes.
Do you have a backlog of sermons or podcasts on video? From digital videos to DVDs, we can turn your videos into professional transcripts.
Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Transcribed sermons are a great starting point for writing and publishing your first book!
From .mp3 and .wav files to cassette tapes and CDs, we can take any audio files or physical media you have and create high-quality transcripts.
Transcribing your seminars or classes allows you to provide participants with professional course materials and share your message with a wider audience.

How Our Transcription Process Works

Upload Your Content

Easily submit your audio, video or web links. Have receiving your requirements we agree on the deadline and cost.

Our Transcribers Get to Work

In no time your order will be processed, and our platform will intelligently route your audio to the most qualified transcriptionists for your specific project.

Receive Transcripts & Make Payment

You will be notified as soon as your transcripts are completed and are available to download in your preferred output.


Did you know there are two types of transcription accuracy? I know that sounds odd, but stay with me a minute. Assume you accidentally said this while preaching a sermon:

“When Abraham broke the tablets with the Ten Commandments…”

If you said those exact words and I transcribed those exact words, then your sermon transcript would be accurate, right? The only problem is Abraham didn’t break the tablets. Moses did. So is your transcript really accurate?

Pastors make these kinds of mistakes all the time. They say “Old Testament” when they meant to say “New Testament.” They say, “In 1 Timothy it says…” when they meant to say, “In 2 Timothy it says…” They say “King Saul” when they meant to say “King David.” They say “Elisha” when they meant to say “Elijah.” They say, “We’re going to read verses 3-8” when they meant to say, “We’re going to read verses 4-9.” And on and on and on.

At TransExpert we don't define accuracy as transcribing what you said. We define accuracy as transcribing what you meant to say. Here are a few examples of ways we ensure your transcripts are accurate:
  • Bible verse accuracy

    We look up every Bible verse to make sure the correct chapter and verse are cited.

  • Spelling

    We verify the spelling of every name you mention.

  • Accuracy of quotes

    We verify the accuracy of quotes. In other words, if you say, "A.W. Tozer said...," we'll look it up, and if Charles Spurgeon actually said the quote, we'll put the correct name.

  • Website address

    We look up every website address you mention.


Super Wednesday 10% Discount, 8 orders remaining for this discount

What Our Customers Say

“ TransExperts has helped our church reach an even greater number of people with the message of the gospel through our weekly sermon transcripts. They are faithful and excellent in all the work they do. "
Matt Chandler
“ We have been working with TransExpert for several years. They do excellent and timely work. I highly recommend them for your transcription needs. Transcribed sermons are a great starting point for writing and publishing books.”
Jesse Doyle
“ Outstanding! You’ve just saved a self-supporting pastor with two jobs an entire day each week. I think I love you. ”